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You are always Manifesting

The law of attraction means we attract what we believe we desire on a subconscious level.  You may feel you are manifesting things you don’t want and find it almost impossible to accept or see that the law of attraction is working, although I assure you it is.  If you are constantly manifesting things you don’t want it is because you are predominantly thinking about what you don’t want.

When you switch to thinking about what you do want by imagining yourself already enjoying it and feel fully worthy of that thing, it will manifest in your reality as sure as the sun does rise.

Often our conscious desires and subconscious desires pull in opposite directions and we wonder why we keep attracting the same situations into our life.  If we are not mindful the subconscious has way more power than the conscious mind so our subconscious desire will win out.  Figuring out what this subconscious desire is can feel quite scary but your feelings and behaviour will lead you in the direction of the answers you seek when you are ready.

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