Why I used to be Atheist

When I thought of the divine I imagined something connected, perfect, blissful, inclusive, non-judgmental and overwhelmingly loving.

The God of traditional Christian teachings was so far away from what I would consider to be divine, I simply couldn’t invest in it.

The rituals of attending church, praying to something outside myself, baptism and communion always struck me as phony and pointless.

It didn’t occur to me that the Bible may have been mistranslated or misinterpreted, I just saw it as a barbaric, nonsensical book that didn’t seem anything out of the ordinary.

It wasn’t until I came across the teaching of Neville Goddard that I started to get my memories back.

The Bible is allegory and symbolism and Neville’s interpretation is vastly different to the traditional Christian version. He explains the theme of mental creation cleverly woven into many of the biblical stories.

Matthew, Mark, Luke & John are different and personal interpretations of the 4 mystical visions we all experience when we are born from above (spiritually re-born).

Neville explains that the Bible isn’t about history and events but teaches the evolutionary path of the soul in personified form. He believes the characters in the bible never actually lived and this is why their looks were never portrayed in the bible and why their burial places are unknown.

He famously said “if the bible was history it wouldn’t be a mystery”.

Any spiritual or religious path is worthwhile because each teaching has something, but until we assume personal responsibility for our god self we are not quite there.

What we think of as a solidly real, linear and external world is actually a multidimensional hologram of our thoughts, beliefs and assumptions.

We appear to be in an individual and collective illusion over which we each have complete dominion. How it works is not understandable through a duality lens or with human logic.

I invite others who consider themselves atheist or agnostic to consider spirituality as the answer to the secrets of the universe.

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