Why I Love Property Developing

There’s nothing that lights me up like property developing.  It’s meaningful and fulfilling because I’m realising the potential and aesthetic qualities of a house.  I’m impulsive by nature so project work suits me to a tee.  When I’m excited by something it possesses me and I get this ability to focus that tells me I’m in alignment and connected to universal energy.  There’s not much I don’t like about the process, because even though there are things I struggle with they are always short-lived.  Oh and I love the chaos and buzz on site…

As a dilettante I get to dabble in little bits of everything without becoming too bogged down with any one thing for a length of time.  I don’t think of owning a house as being tying as you can always sell and move somewhere else.  I  I also like to work with different types of property too – who doesn’t love original features?

I’m not a fan of stagnation or routine, but most days are different during the process of a renovation.  I have complete autonomy and artistic licence which is pretty vital as I crave the buzz and thinking outside the box is totally my thing.  Life on site is chaotic and fast paced with lots of decisions to be made on the spot as challenges arise.

Taking on a full renovation is my favourite as I like to re-think the property as a whole, which often means re-siting kitchens and bathrooms to suit modern living.  Innovation is in my bones and coming up with creative solutions to interiors is one of my favourite aspects of the role.

None of my inhibitions seem to affect me when I’m involved in the process either so I feel totally in my comfort zone and in my element.  You might think ‘renovating’ and ‘comfort zone’ don’t go together but I trust my vision and the guys who work with me on site.  I don’t have to share what I’m doing with the world until I’ve created an accurate representation of who I am.  All the guys I work with are self-employed, hard-working, great fun and very accommodating.  I have known them for 12 years, I know their strengths and weaknesses and they know mine.

I don’t worry if my work is good enough because I know my best creativity comes through self-expression and I’m so in the moment I tend to forget myself and focus on the project.  I’m creating because I want to, not because I have to and this makes a tremendous difference to my drive, confidence and productivity.

I’ve never been one for small projects – if I’m doing something creative it must be challenging and large-scale with lots of potential.  My favourite aspects of the job are sourcing property, spatial planning, teamwork, budgeting, interior design, shopping, painting, creative problem solving and learning new skills.  I don’t even mind living on site as long as things are progressing.

My least favourite part is mustering up the enthusiasm to finish, when only the fiddly, difficult or boring jobs remain.  However I force myself with the thought of ‘after’ pictures so I can highlight the complete transformation.  It’s rewarding to invite family and friends round to enjoy the space too.  I’m also not a fan of paperwork or cleaning brushes after painting with oil based paint – that’s why I buy cheap brushes and throw them in the bin.

Property developing is quite high risk and that is why I love it.

The opportunity to ‘direct the aesthetic transformation of something’ is one of the things I was born to do. Renovating is like playtime…

What lights you up?

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