Who is the False Self?

The false self is not generally a persona some evil person devises to hide behind and cause other people harm for its own malevolent amusement, although in the extreme this may occur.

The false self is an adaption, a hybrid if you like, of the true self which is forced to develop to secure love from its parents.  Receiving unconditional love in the first few years of life is the most fundamental need for an individualised soul, as it feels the pain of separation from universal consciousness.

Many parents are so self alienated themselves because they were taught to conform to societal norms, they don’t realise by showing disapproval for a child’s authentic expression they are in fact invalidating that child’s innate guidance system.  Invalidating a child’s internal guidance system creates self doubt, the ability to use ones inherent abilities without extreme shame, and predisposes them to abuse as they can’t trust their feelings.  This process leads to the child feeling self-alienated, flawed and unfit for purpose as a human being.  When I say authentic expression I mean their thoughts, feelings, perceptions, ideas and desires.

Children are closer to their true self than most adults and this is why a child honestly believes they can be anything they want when they grow up.  Their concept of the law of attraction is correct, but becomes tainted by adult perspectives.  A decade or two of being force fed egoic culture may dampen their spirits until they believe they are powerless to positively influence their future at all.

If a child is naturally wired differently to its parents and the parents find this difference threatening to their social status or self concept, the parent may inadvertantly advise the child that he or she is bad or weird for inflicting this discomfort on the parent.  This transaction is responsible for the majority of mental health problems in modern society.  Being told who your are is bad is terribly shame inducing and leads to low self esteem and toxic shame in a person.  It is imperative to validate a child’s authentic feelings and perceptions if you want them to thrive, be happy and productive.

The false self therefore can’t be maintained because it is a chameleon adapting to its surroundings but feeling extreme (often supressed) anger for having to do so.  The farther away from our true self we get the more we suffer with mental and physical maladies.  Life becomes exhausting, complicated, painful and confusing and we adopt addictions and coping strategies to alleviate the torture.  The universe is relentless in its pursuit of telling us in symbolic ways that we are going in the wrong direction and must return to productive happiness and equilibrium of true nature.  When we venture in the right direction we feel light, free and happy, seeing synchronicities all around us telling us we are on the right path.

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