What is Self Love?

Self love is a healthy, noble love and doesn’t have anything to do with narcissism.  Self loving people have a healthy self orientation and prioritise their own wellbeing.  They love themselves first and foremost and believe themselves worthy of abundance in all aspects of life.  Self loving people go after what they want in life because they believe they feel more comfortable when their needs are met.

Loving the self means tuning in to your feelings and thinking thoughts that make you feel good.  Self loving people are authentic and honest, they know who they are and what they want.  They don’t ignore what they want and speak up in favour of themselves.

They are not phased when others don’t behave as they like because they understand that other people are separate individuals on their own life path.  They are comfortable walking away from people and situations that don’t feel good and are no longer serving them.  People who love themselves surround themselves with other like minded individuals and have a good work life balance.

Self loving people either had a healthy early family experience or have done the inner work required to see themselves in a positive light.

Self loving people are aware of their own power and rights and don’t think or act like a victim.  They know the actions of others are nothing to do with them but may highlight areas for improvement in the self.

Self loving people take care of their bodies by taking exercise and eating healthy food.  They are apologetic and self accepting when they mess up and see each mistake as a learning opportunity rather than a reason to beat themselves up.

Self loving people don’t have knee jerk reactions because they are grounded within and hold others accountable for their behaviour.  They don’t accept blame for problems that aren’t their fault and verbalise their needs and feelings with ease.

Self loving people are adaptable and spontaneous because they feel safe to let their guard down, as they know fear is merely a mental construct.

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