What is Authenticity?

Authenticity is being true to yourself & genuine. It’s knowing that your thoughts, feelings, perceptions & desires are worthy & valid.  Your inner guidance is designed for you and will lead you in the direction of growth when you release resistance.

It’s very easy to find your own needs interwoven with the needs of others, but a person who is truly authentic is independent, non-attached, content and in touch with who they are.  They feel comfortable speaking their truth and don’t experience or give in to guilt when they know the truth may hurt or disappoint another.  They don’t feel responsible for others and see them as capable in their own right.

Authentic people pursue their dreams without shame or inhibition & serve others in a way that brings them joy. They feel grounded in their vulnerability because they know it is human nature to be imperfect.  Authentic people have humility & enjoy personal growth. They aren’t afraid to look within to define, understand & amend what they could do better. They trust themselves to overcome any problems they encounter.  Authentic people’s words and actions align and they enjoy living in the present & are excited for the future.  They don’t accept blame for things they haven’t done in order to keep the peace.

Authentic people are comfortable to be around because they are stable, happy & fulfilled.  They don’t betray their own values and beliefs which they have have refined over time.  They understand what their emotions are telling them and know it is their responsibility to select good feeling thoughts.

Authentic people feel safe expressing their emotions & desires and are keen to resolve issues quickly and diplomatically.  They know every mistake is a learning opportunity and don’t berate themselves when they mess up. They say sorry when they hurt someone or make a mistake. Authentic people know it is their job to value and validate themselves and don’t seek attention from others to boost their self esteem.  They don’t defend themselves when they make a mistake because they know their worth is inherent and doesn’t need to be proved.

Authentic people come to their own conclusions based on introspection and research alongside their morals and values.  They don’t let others choose for or manipulate them into doing things that don’t feel good or align with their desires.  Life is simpler for those who practice authenticity because they consider their own needs paramount & acceptable. They don’t wrestle with cognitive dissonance because they know every issue is only ever about the space between their current self & their higher self.

When we are authentic the universe rewards us with wonderful opportunities, people and experiences because we are living as nature intended.  Authentic people cultivate a positive mindset and healthy practices into their day because they know self-care is vital to their happiness & wellbeing.

Someone who lives in authenticity is non judgmental and isn’t shaken by the opinions & behaviour of others.  They don’t carry the shame of others around because they know it drags them down.  Validation & stability is found within, so there is no need to control or manipulate others to feel good. They appreciate diversity & don’t feel threatened by people who have different opinions. Authentic people perceive the world as safe, abundant and benevolent and tend to be patient, thoughtful and caring uplifters.

How close are you to your happy authentic self?

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