What do you Want?

Asking yourself what you really want is vital to your happiness and gives you goals to strive for.  Focusing on something you love is all consuming, fulfilling and brings you closer to essence.  If you lack self love you may have set your sights lower than your worth because your needs were invalidated in childhood and you feel it is futile to hope for more.  If you’re stuck in self preservation rather than seeking abundance, with understanding, compassion and action you can incrementaly alter your beliefs.    You lack the confidence to reach the dizzy heights, although you may dream about realising your dreams, or you may just be self sabotaging and have given up all together.

The law of attraction doesn’t work on the ‘good versus bad’ dichotomy as we have been led to believe.  You can be a good person throughout life and still live in physical, mental and emotional poverty.   To make your dreams a reality you must wholeheartedly believe you are worthy and envisage yourself enjoying what it is you want to obtain or achieve.  When you believe manifestation is possible you instinctively take steps to actualise your dreams working in tandem with universal energy to co-create.  Creating in this way brings about a state of flow where your actions, thoughts and feelings combine effortlessly.  The flow state is highly productive, energising, fulfilling and desirable to all humans.

I enjoy renovating houses and even though this is a complex process my belief in the outcome makes everything fall into place with what feels like minimal effort even though I am working & juggling everything.  I envisage myself living happily in the property and everything eventually falls into place.  Even though the finished product always differs slightly from the original vision, it is clearly still a manifestation from my imagination.

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