We are Equal

We are the Son of God fragmented. All of creation is God’s offspring. God did not create us to be limited, ruled over, or live in fear.

The kingdom of heaven is within us and projected out. What we see outside ourselves is a reflection of the percentage of heaven we are aware of within. We essentially project a shadow over creation so we see our own distortions on the outside, without realising they are our own.

Each individual is born equal in that they had and have complete artistic license about how they create themselves on earth.

What the world sees as a disability is always chosen by the soul prior to incarnation. The soul may not remember the choice it made when it resided at a higher level of consciousness, but nonetheless it and only it made that choice.

Being a victim is not an absolute but a limited state of consciousness. This is hard to comprehend in 3D because we have forgotten just how powerful we are. Until we accept or try to accept this power we can’t really step out of victimhood. It requires a leap of faith and remembrance that somewhere deep down we are all immensely powerful.

You could say a person who was born with a disability or agreed to obtain one is stronger or more evolved than most, because they chose this experience to further their evolution. In truth, no one is stronger or weaker than another, this is just an illusory ego belief.

Things that make perfect sense from unity understanding can seem quite the reverse from duality consciousness. Why would I do that to myself is a fair and understandable question. It also highlights that an experience we may have chosen for fun or challenge is viewed in a vastly different light here on earth. A radical 180-degree shift in perception is always wise if we want to understand our more conscious choices.

All beings have complete dominion over their reality, simply because it is an illusion, a dream. 3D consciousness makes everything seem solidly real, but do you really think a loving God would create humanity and an environment where we were each at the mercy of outside forces.

Our beliefs are the creative power of the universe. If we believe there is a power outside us, we are creating that very experience for ourselves and will then experience it. This is a choice though. We never knew it was a choice until we woke up but now we do, we owe it to ourselves to create beliefs that are loving, safe, abundant and rewarding.

I’m not saying this will be easy but we must try and inch forward everyday.

As a child we had complete control over the way our parents and society treated us yet is appeared the other way around so we encountered much trauma.

The enlightenment path is to overturn any belief that isn’t loving, safe and abundant.

We really only need change ourselves internally for the outer world to shift.

It seems magical thinking in relation to what we know, but only because we have mostly forgotten our divine power.

As we are all equal we are also sovereign beings and have the choice to be free or oppressed. This is a choice, albeit a forgotten one much of the time. We are so free we can choose abundance or lack. A shift in perspective is actually all that’s required and even though this should be a simple transaction it is not always easy.

Social conditioning arose because some people decided to take power and others decided to give theirs away, it’s as simple as that. We are all equal!

No one has power over us because creation is imaginal and we all have imagination!

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