Wardrobe Come Staircase

At present the bungalow has no useable upper floor and the bedrooms are at the back.  The image above is the smaller of the two bedrooms which will form part of the open plan kitchen/diner/family room when the walls are knocked out downstairs.

I’m opening the whole back of the house up to create a 43m2 living space overlooking the garden.  Before this can happen though we needed to move the bedrooms upstairs so we have somewhere to sleep.

The dormer has been put on but is only accessible through the loft hatch in the hall or from the roof.

Today the joiner and stair builder have come to remove the old wardrobe and put a bespoke staircase in the space.  To the right of the wardrobe (behind the wall) is a larder cupboard which will eventually form a pantry for the kitchen.

Other people nearby have put the staircase up from the hall cupboard, but you lose space upstairs that way as you have to have a long landing.  As the upstairs is going to be compact I want to create a small landing with four doors off it leading to the three bedrooms and family bathroom.

The wardrobe is out

This is the view from the loft of what will be the staircase.  The floor (wardrobe ceiling) needs to be removed in order for the staircase to go in.

The framework is in.  Just one last tread to go in, followed by the risers & handrail.

Ta da, we can now access the loft space without a ladder through the loft hatch in the hall.  Much easier for carrying materials and cups of tea up to the loft.

The top part of the staircase eats into the kitchen slightly (was hall) but will be plasterboarded and skimmed.  At least the door frame is intact…

This is the view from the staircase and infact my bed, through to the front upstairs bedroom.  Being woken up very early at the moment so looking forward to the stud wall going in to cut out the dawn light from the velux window.

View from above before the aforementioned wall goes in.  It will be difficult to create a flat wall and will have to be stepped slightly.  Will need to think of a way to make a feature of this to give the staircase character.

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