Unpacking Trauma

Unpacking trauma is a good way to identify where the problem is so we can reverse it.

Look back at traumatic situations and think about WHAT you FELT and WHY.

Write down the emotions you felt and see if you can identify when that happened in the past, in particular the earliest occurrence.

Create a list of affirmations that reverse them and try to feel into them by focusing on a time when you did feel that way.

‘I felt invisible and invalid’ becomes ‘I feel visible and valid’.

This way we are creating changes that are bespoke to our individual needs.

We project the past onto situations, so when we are triggered we are not perceiving correctly. It can feel very real and disorientating during a trigger, particularly if we don’t really know why they are or how to handle them.

It’s often better in difficult situations to not react and take time out to re-center ourselves.

Trauma has a habit of re-playing on a loop in our subconscious but thankfully we can retrain ourselves to believe the opposite.

The trauma was learned and can also be unlearned.

Be patient and non judgmental with yourself as you do this challenging but valuable inner work.

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