Unpacked in a Weekend

I get really excited by moving house, especially if something goes wrong or there’s some disaster to fix.

I have a lounge, bedroom and an office zone all in one room and it’s very cosy.  My partner has nicknamed it the ‘bounge’ as it’s a bedroom/lounge.

The boys are in the back bedrooms and I am in the living room.

We will have to be super tidy and it will be a challenge to do the work but we will find a way.

Every time I move house I set myself the challenge of completely unpacking in a weekend.  The house has to be completely straight and useable or it’s a big fat fail.  Now I can’t always unpack every box as there may not be the space to unpack it into, but where there is space a box must be unpacked.

I’ve finally got the keys for the new pad and it seems half the kitchen has been removed including the cooker, eeeek!  Oh well, I’m not a huge fan of cooking…  Will have to take that one up with the solicitor when we’re settled in.

I was hoping to fit the fridge freezer in the alcove but it won’t go so maybe it’s a blessing half the kitchen has been ripped out so I can put the fridge there, phew!

The dresser and the fridge have now taken up residence on the wall where the units and cooker should have been.

So we are all settled, which is good because we are not doing the work until the weather warms up…


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