Unity v Duality

Unity means everything is one, love, perfection, has no beginning and no end and no opposition.

Duality is the concept of separation and contrast, start, end and opposition.

So humans live by the duality belief system predominantly, although more and more people are awakening to the way out of the 3D duality mentality matrix.

Christ Vision or Unity Awareness is the awareness to look out on the same reality as everyone else but with acceptance and without judgment.

Unity feels amazing but can appear limited in relation to the opportunities for expansion and diversity in duality.

Unity is a selfless state because you feel the oneness and know seeing as God is what’s best for everyone.

Each wave in the ocean is separate but also part of and inseperable from the ocean. Life is essentially the same way but the duality system teaches us we are each separate from each other and not part of the same flow of life.

From a 3D level we believe we are driving on a road with a separate will from the other drivers, but there is another understanding that knows being is simply unfolding as one organism.

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