The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude lifts your spirits, speeds up manifestation and brings you more of what you focus on, because it assumes you are already in receipt of your desires.

We associate ‘Thank You’ with something we have already received, which helps us ‘Live in the End’.

“Gratitude is riches, complaint is poverty”


In the Bible the ’12 Disciples’ represent the ’12 Disciplines of Mind’ found in enlightened man.

When these qualities of mind are disciplined they obey their commander at all times.

“Thaddaeus, the tenth, is the disciple of praise, a quality in which the undisciplined man is lacking or non-existent. When this quality of praise and thanksgiving is awake within man, he walks with the words, “Thank you, Father,” ever on his lips. He knows that his thanks for things not seen opens the gates and permits gifts beyond his capacity to receive to be poured upon him.

The man who is not thankful for things received is not likely to be the recipient of many gifts from the same source. Until this quality of the mind is disciplined, man will not see his desires manifest. Praise and thanksgiving are to one’s desires what rain and sun are to the unseen seeds in the soil of the earth”.

NEVILLE GODDARD – Your Faith is Your Fortune

On my personal journey, I have found gratitude, thanks, praise & appreciation re-direct my focus from what is missing to a more equanimous perspective.  Gratitude brings you back to a receptive and still state. 

“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good: His loves endures forever.”

PSALM 107:1

Here are a few little phrases you can use to lift your spirits:

Isn’t it Wonderful

Something Wonderful is Happening to Me Right Now

Thank You

It’s Done

It’s Finished

God is My Supply

My SP loves me and I’m powerless to stop it

No one is against me

People only think what I assume they think

Money keeps appearing in my bank account from unknown sources

Giving thanks for what you are about to receive, creates an image in your mind and draws it to you.  Sometimes I clap my hands together in glee when I remember just how lucky I truly am!  The awareness of ‘I AM’ gives us inspiration for positive personal affirmations we can say to ourselves in secret.

“They joy before thee according the joy in the harvest”


I like to find new things to be grateful for every day, because it stimulates my imagination and reminds me to see wonder in ordinary situations.

One of the things I have done is pick a room in my house and give thanks for everything I am grateful for in it.  For example, I give thanks for the table around which I enjoy tasty food with family and friends, my microwave which cooks food for me in minutes, my wine glasses which like to chink with wine and my coffee machine which percolates fresh coffee for me to savour.  Everyday occurrences are some of the most precious experiences in life, if you choose to see them as such. 

“For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath”.

MATTHEW 13:12-13

If you like something about someone, tell them.  People love compliments and that little surge of positive rapport is heartwarming and fulfilling.  You reap what you sow, so kindness also comes back to you.  When someone pays you a compliment, receive it graciously you deserve it!

Rejoice always; pray without ceasing: in everything give thanks… “


Waking up can feel overwhelming because it is challenging to go from thinking like a human to being God.  At face value, it seems really exciting and empowering, but when you become a doer you realise ‘with great power comes great responsibility’.

When you’re feeling helpless, sad, stuck, defeated, overwhelmed and confused, take a step back and give thanks for God’s Grace.  The Kingdom of Heaven is inside you and you are extremely privileged to have woken up so you can create whatever your heart desires.

Understanding that you live in your own private reality and are responsible for everyone and everything in it, can be overwhelming, to say the least.  You’re transitioning from feeling relatively powerless to being responsible for a whole Kingdom, but you can do it with practice and humility.  What’s more, you can do it your own way, with an authentic style that feels natural to you.

Be grateful you purged your belief in second causes and are now more enlightened than others who have no idea how powerful they are.  You can master this new paradigm, but must be patient with yourself.  The incentive to release doubts and fears is great indeed.  If you happened upon this information it is because you are ready, it is time, there is no turning back, you are God!

As stuck as you may feel in your old story, remind yourself you can simply turn in the opposite direction.  Every new moment is a blank canvas.  Let your imagination roam free and give thanks for this wonderful gift.

Stepping into your power takes time, so cut yourself some slack.  You have no reason to be stuck when you are the creator.  Blocks merely come up so you can change your assumptions and release.  When you feel all over the place, tell yourself you are a creative genius and spiritual badass!  

You will notice when you are in a positive mental state you feel invincible and when in a negative state you feel powerless.  Be grateful for the knowledge that these states are not who you are, they are just passing moods.

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest…


On my journey, I have realised I need to think more strategically rather than micro-managing every little situation.  I still revise on the spot but I like to pre-pave my universe by assuming every morning that everyone is happy, healthy, prosperous, funny, talented, loved, trustworthy, generous, accepting, beautiful and living their best life.

Give thanks for the many people on the same path, to whom you can turn for help and friendship.  The I AM-LOVE community is positive, inspiring, informative, experienced, relatable, inclusive and brimming with people on the same journey.

I like to keep a journal of my thoughts, feelings and external manifestations so I can reflect on my progress.  Sometimes we become so focused on what we’re doing we don’t realise how much positive transformation has occurred.  Statements such as “wow, I remember when I was stuck in that belief, but I’ve moved past it now”, help you see you are definitely moving forwards.

Life is a game and you make your own rules.  The only person you can ever hurt is yourself, because everyone is you pushed out.

“I thank thee father, that thou has hearest me and I know that thou hearest me always”

JOHN 11:41

When you’ve become tense and aware you’re taking things too seriously, adopt a more floaty, nonchalant mindset, watch ridiculous clips on youtube or dance to an uplifting song.  Films like Mary Poppins Returns highlight the creative power of imagination and show hope is never lost.  Keep the Faith!

You can build a loving, luxurious and abundant lifestyle simply by thinking and assuming you already have everything you want.  It’s not even a fallacy because you, ‘truly are’ the proud and sole owner of everything you could ever desire.  There is no competition for your desires and that in itself is something to be thankful for.   Thinking and assuming are free so you can start afresh in each and every moment.

Give thanks daily for the influx of wealth, health, opportunities, knowledge, happiness, protection and love.  Whenever somebody does something for you or you come into money, be sure to give thanks.

“Gratitude is the magnetic substance that opens every single door in the Universe.  It is the great multiplier of life”.


Every time you notice something on the outside that isn’t there, give thanks for it as though it were.  This is a great exercise in revision & assumptions because it immediately focuses your attention back on your desires and makes you smile and feel in control.  “Oh look that job offer just came through” or “I received a lovely text from someone special” or “wow I have plenty of money left”.  

Train yourself to positively affirm everything, as a way to lovingly tend your seed and prioritise your imagination, the one and only reality.  Give thanks in advance for things given, but not yet received, because gratitude is a very receptive state.

Read this heartfelt prayer daily:

I am a rich child of a loving and wealthy Divine Father.  Divine Intelligence is now showing me what I need to do to claim that which I desire.  Divine Intelligence is even now opening the doors to my immediate blessings in ways beyond my understanding. 

Money, love, and opportunities for my immediate and long-term good fortune, are flowing into, around, and through me now. I receive and accept my good. 

What I desire also desires me, and is now being irresistibly drawn into my experience.  My word must be fulfilled, as this is the law of divine creativity.  I have absolute faith that all that is mine by Divine right now comes to me in rich abundance. 

As I speak my word and decree a thing, it is done in divine right order and right on time. God is my Source and my true supply.  Universal Intelligence is responding to the claim I am making and is manifesting my desire into form, as I speak.  This is certain, I am certain, and my faith is absolute. 

It is done, and I say: “Thank you, God, and so it is!” 


‘Thank you’ is the most simple and effective prayer known to man.  

These two words alone will change your life!

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