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The Mystic Neville Goddard

Neville Goddard (1905-1972) was an American Mystic who taught the hidden meaning of scripture during the 1950’s, 60’s & 70’s.  Let me tell you, the spiritual/mystical interpretation is vastly different to the religion we are taught, but resonates with me very deeply.  Well most of it anyway!  Some of it is bizarre and unnerving, but it is also magical, mystical and startlingly obvious, if you really think about it.  Some say the original meaning was lost in translation, but there also seems to be some intent to conceal the mystery from the general masses too.  At least this is my current understanding, but it may become more clear as I read the Bible.

Religion never resonated with me at all, even as a child.  Praying to a God that no one had ever seen seemed ridiculous.  Christianity always seemed, nonsensical, manipulative, narrow-minded, barbaric and phoney.  Also people I knew who believed in religion often seemed hypersensitive to alternative beliefs, which told me their beliefs were very fear based.  As a child I strongly believed I was the only person I was supposed to believe in.  I strongly felt transcending reality was possible, but this belief was often met by others with contempt.  I now know transcending your current reality is possible and being mocked by others is an integral part of the awakening process.

To find out the Bible is a blueprint for the evolution of man and not a historical retelling of events and people, was like finding the treasure map I had unwittingly been searching for.  It makes sense it would be more popular than a history book, because it has meaning for every man alive.  I never in a million years would have believed I would turn to scripture for guidance, but it is supposedly the best psychology book of all time.

I have recently started reading the New Testament now I am able to decode it a bit, but it is still challenging not to take the text literally.

I have always been interested in mysticism, but didn’t know it had an actual term.  Using my imagination has always come naturally to me, even more so than using my senses and this has had both good and bad ramifications for me.  I am naturally more aware of the metaphysical information in the environment than the physical.  I can see the ‘not yet seen’ with much more enthusiasm than the ‘seen’.  I have found this skill particularly useful for understanding gist and meaning and envisaging tired properties in a much improved state.

Neville and Joseph Murphy were taught by an elusive Ethiopian gentleman called Abdullah who was sent to teach them.  Abdullah taught Neville, Hebrew, The Kabbalah and the hidden meaning of scripture over an intense 5 year period.  Neville experienced all 4 of the main mystical visions over the span of 1260 days as documented by the mystics who wrote the 66 books of the Bible.  He explains the visions in his own words and explains how they differ slightly from person to person, but each have key elements running through them.  The Bible is a combination of visions and commentaries with the hidden pattern of creation repeatedly woven throughout the symbolic text.

The individuals named in the Bible are not names of people who ever lived, but personifications of ‘the states of the soul’ man must travel through in order to fully awaken as God.  The names were originally composed of Hebrew letters which give meaning and character to names. Sarah is literally translated in Hebrew as ‘ruling body’ & ‘to retain liquidity’ or Princess/Senate.  Suits me perfectly, particularly the liquidity part ;p.  My parents were going to call me Olivia, but had a change of heart.

If this seems beyond comprehension to you, I invite you to consider the experiences of giving birth, puberty and menopause as equally bizarre, albeit known, familiar and accepted.  The human body goes through changes as it ages, just as the intangible spiritual body of man does.

Neville wrote 10 books and delivered around 475 lectures over a 34 year period.  He famously used his ‘imagination’ to obtain a complimentary trip to Barbados, release himself from the US Army & attract and marry his second wife.  He was able to manifest things for others and documented numerous ‘imagination creates reality’ stories in his book The Law & The Promise.  Neville was a well spoken and gentle but assertive teacher who grew in confidence and insight over the 34 years he lectured on the hidden meaning of the Bible.

The Law states the eternal body of man (God) is the human imagination, through which man can create and uncreate anything he wants.  Many people are interested in using ‘The Law’ to manifest and it has become extremely popular over the last decade or more.

The Promise features the four mystical experiences, after which man becomes the Creator rather than the Created.  This aspect of soul evolution is less popular, which I find quite strange as I believe the desire to achieve this state is innate in everyone.  People don’t know what they are looking for, but feel compelled to find it all the same.

The ‘Old Testament’ tells us of God’s Promise.

The ‘New Testament’ tells us ‘not how this promise WAS fulfilled’ but ‘how it IS fulfilled’.

Neville’s Wikipedia page was removed in 2014 because of its controversial teachings, but he has an ever increasing following online.

I will summarise each of his 10 books in future posts, but if what I’ve written has sparked your interest there’s a complimentary summary of his 10 books here.

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