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The Mystery of Synchronicity

Synchronicity is a term originated by Carl G Jung who is one of my all time heroes.  He noticed meaningful occurrences were interlinked with no seemingly causal relationship.  The universe sends you signs to help you to awaken to your true nature. I love the story about the woman and the scarab beetle.

The phenomenon of synchronicity is so far unproven by science and remains a mystery, which is why I find it so fascinating.  I love paradoxes because they keep life interesting and always give you something to ponder.  Coincidences are co-incidences orchestrated by mother nature.   The universe is a mysterious place and there are quite a few different theories about the number of universal laws.  Jung kept this theory to himself for decades, probably because he wanted to gather sufficient evidence, but realised even though it was an identifiable pattern, there were too many inconceivable parts to quantify it.  He believed these occurrences connected you to your soul evolution and were signs on the path to enlightenment.

Some people are more aware of metaphysical information from the environment because they take information in predominantly by their sixth sense rather than the five senses.  That being said intuition works unconsciously so whilst a user may feel absolute certainty about some information they perceive, they will not be able to prove it factually to those more naturally inclined to use their five senses.

According to spiritual material I’ve read, the more awake and present you become the more synchronicity you notice in your day.  Some even say there are thousands because everything always happens by divine timing.  Generally I notice a few over the course of a week, but they always make me smile and feel comforted when I pick up on them.  I write them down in the back of my journal and enjoy watching stories unfold.  Synchronistic events are happening all the time and our beliefs are projected onto the environment creating our unique realities.  We tend to enjoy our positive synchronicities but be upset by those we didn’t wittingly create.

Do you notice one day someone mentions something you’ve never heard of before only to find it frequent your life from that point on?  If you notice a new car you like on the road, many more like it will appear seemingly out of the blue over the next few days. Someone you are thinking about calls you or bumps into you and you say I was meaning to contact you. You hear a song that has special meaning after you were thinking about a particular person or a bird pays you so much individual attention when you are out for a walk you know it is giving you a message.

The other day I was talking to my Dad and he asked me to google a viaduct in Switzerland he is excited to see when he visits. I was sat in front of the computer and when I looked up there was a viaduct on my screen which I hadn’t noticed before.  A viaduct is not the kind of thing I would google generally but lo and behold there was one right there.

Last summer for about a month I kept finding feathers everywhere I looked.  When I stepped out of the car there was a feather by my foot.  I found them in the footwell and dashboard of my car, stuck to my clothes and in my hair, on my kitchen worktop and even on my plate; but when one appeared on the side of the bath I had just got in I was completely floored. My friend said feathers are a sign you are being watched over and guided by angels, which is funny because my Mum often tells me I have a guardian angel. I had a massive shift in consciousness a few months later so it’s all good.

You can tell when you are awakening because information, opportunities and amounts of money you receive correlate directly with your present needs.  You will drop something on the floor and when you bend down to pick it up you will notice something that reminds you of another thing you needed to do, or find something else you lost.

Films I have enjoyed that feature synchronicity are Serendipity, Slumdog Millionaire, The Holiday Calendar and Mary Poppins.

The more you awaken to the truth of who you are, the easier it is to see the universe is always working in your favour and sending you little messages bringing you closer to the oneness we all are.

You can’t truly love another if you don’t love the self, because your outer reality is merely a projection of your beliefs and expectations. You never deviate from your path, although it may be long and winding if you haven’t surrendered to basic trust. Keep an eye out for synchronicities during your day and remember the universe is winking at you reminding you of its personal and full attention…

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