The Divine Masculine

Both men and women have masculine traits of a balanced or unbalanced nature. Inadequacy and self-loathing make the following traits manifest in positive and negative ways.

  • Logic
  • Reason
  • Adventure
  • Strength
  • Driven
  • Practical
  • Logical
  • Giver
  • Willpower
  • Hunter Gatherer
  • Protective

When men think and act from the spirit rather than ego they are strong, gentle, confident, protective and honest.

Patriarchy led to imbalance and inequality with men earning more than women on average. More men work full time and for longer than most women who tend to take career breaks to have kids or work fewer hours.

Men have been subject to much conditioning regarding the way they should be, many of which are unhealthy or skewed, ie:

  • Real men don’t cry or show emotion
  • Must be the breadwinner and work hard
  • All men are logical and rational
  • Men are aggressive and destructive
  • Men are overly competitive
  • Men must be physically fit and strong
  • Men are lusty and womanisers

Part of the spiritual path is to integrate the masculine qualities in a healthy way, which can take a great deal of inner work depending on previous experience.

For women to integrate their masculine side they need to focus more on their sense of self, creativity, leadership and earning potential.

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