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    Five Go To Calpe

    We arrived in Calpe at 2am – it was dark and we were exhausted from travelling.  The suite had blackout shutters so we all climbed into bed for some shut eye.   When we woke…


    Pretty Calpe Coast Walk

    I have wanderlust and a love of ‘bonitas vistas’ so when the view out of the hotel window called to me I was dying to explore further up the coast. This wonderful little coastal…


    Old Town Calpe

    Calpe is on the Costa Blanca in Southern Spain with beautiful clear water, sandy beaches and rolling hills.  The Old Town was built behind a wall to protect itself from pirates in the 15th…


    Penyal d’Ifac & Calpe Marina

    When we first booked the holiday I didn’t really consider the resort as I was just so excited to go on a foreign beach holiday.  As the holiday drew closer I started googling ‘things…


    Dominican Republic

    This was out second all inclusive holiday and we had a great time in the crystal clear waters on a gorgeous island we sailed out to one day.  I held a pelican and we…