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    Unity v Duality

    Unity means everything is one, love, perfection, has no beginning and no end and no opposition. Duality is the concept of separation and contrast, start, end and opposition. So humans live by the duality…


    Can you crack Earth Level?

    For all you gamers out there, did you realise earth is one big game with many levels? We incarnate as humans for fun and evolution. We are spirit in imaginary bodies experiencing the equally…


    Swallowing the Red Pill

    The red pill concept comes from the film The Matrix and for me there are two distinct levels to being red-pilled. In the film the blue pill equates to current reality, ie. living as…


    Attack Thoughts

    A Course in Miracles is a course designed to reverse the thinking of the World, in order to escape duality (the belief in separation). Duality is the overriding belief system, particularly here in the…


    School or Prison

    When I was growing up I didn’t much like school. I strongly dislike conformity, oppression, and being bored. All of these aspects are ‘a given’ in school, particularly if you possess an otherworldly kind…


    As Within, So Without

    In our culture we are so used to taking cues from outside to determine our worth that we have little to no idea we are actually living life backwards. In fact our education system…