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    Autumn at Roundhay Lake

    Roundhay Lake is beautiful all year round but extra special visually in the autumn.  The falling leaves made us feel like we were in a snow globe.  The walk around the lake is just…

    27 October 2016

    Family Day at Brimham Rocks

    As a parent your heart is mostly in your mouth as the kids enjoy leaping from rock to rock.  The landscape is fantastic, as is the view and hide holes are plentiful. As soon…

    02 October 2016

    Summer at Castle Howard

    Summer at Castle Howard is like heaven on earth and I feel very privileged being able to enjoy such picturesque surroundings.  As a member we are frequent visitors and the boys love the play…

    18 September 2016

    Bedlington Country Park

    The sun is cracking the flags and we are away for the weekend with my bestie.  Today she took us for a fabulous walk along the river through Bedlington Country Park with her beloved…

    29 August 2016

    River Wansbeck Estuary Beach

    Today we went to a secluded beach in the estuary of the river wansbeck, where the view is perfect and you’re sheltered from the wind.  The boys played in the sand and found a…

    27 August 2016

    In the Dinghy at Sandsend

    Mum, Mum, please can we have a dinghy?  The shop kindly inflated it for us so we were good to go straight away.  Who wants to wait when you’re excited, right?  Sandsend is incredibly…

    18 August 2016