System Busters

God became man so man may become God.

It is for this reason that God doesn’t intervene in our collective creation. As individuals we must correct the darkness on earth at this time.

Humanity is too far gone, too fearful to turn back towards the light, infact it mistakes the darkness for the light.

In the 1960’s a call went out to the wider universe for souls to incarnate as humans to help restore earth to its rightful place in God’s creation.

Earth lives by the duality belief system, which focuses heavily on fear and separation, which is simply a self created illusion.

Starseeds agreed to take on the enermous task of turning against the culture in order to pull it back towards the light. In order to do this they face considerable dissent from others.

To take on this task one must understand the wider implications. Starseeds know there is alien life, although they may forget for a time. Starseeds understand unity, freedom, love and peace because they have memories of a more free life.

Starseeds are the groundcrew on planet earth, holding the light and appearing to stir up trouble when really what they are doing is helping rid humanity of the power imbalance by refusing to comply.

Each being on earth has complete dominion over their reality, but we are taught to disown that power to the few that wish to take advantage. In the bible, we are taught not to fear or worship false gods, which includes anyone or anything outside ourselves, ie a virus.

This dynamic can be viewed from many perspectives:

Time, space & bodies are an illusion and only spirit/divine mind is real

Light v Dark, although both sides believe they are the light
God’s Game (Revelations) in which each individual is simply playing a part

Most of humanity believe they are being virtuous, politely following along with a dark agenda because it is unbearable for them to believe that the government may not have their best interests at heart.

Currently the government is heavily pursuing a propaganda offensive about COVID-19 encouraging humanity they are in danger and touting codependency as a virtue. Essentially humanity are pitted against each other in a bid to keep us confused, scared, clueless and far away from our divine nature.

Team Light consist of Truthers who research and share what is commonly known as conspiracy theory.

Other lightworkers work on the energy grid, innovative technology , healing and teaching.

Being a lightworker can seem a lonely role, until you wake up, re-connect with your soul family and get on mission.

Helping a planet and humanity ascend is a very demanding but worthwhile cause. When you can envisage how magnificent reality could be beyond the duality system you can’t help but shift humanity in that direction.

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