Swallowing the Red Pill

The red pill concept comes from the film The Matrix and for me there are two distinct levels to being red-pilled.

In the film the blue pill equates to current reality, ie. living as a slave in the illusion. Most people take the blue pill because they have a ‘better the devil you know type mindset’ and fear they may end up worse off.

The red pill equates waking up to the fact that what you thought was reality is in fact an illusion. The real world is actually a multidimensional hologram in which each of us experiences nothing but our thoughts, beliefs and assumptions made manifest. Swallowing the red pill is a very unsettling and disorienting process that feels like complete annihilation and you can’t really go back to sleep.

I believe a part of us has always known that we are powerful beyond measure, but that responsibility feels mighty overwhelming until we have proof that it’s truth.

To me the FIRST STAGE to taking the red pill is understanding that life is a waking dream of our own making. It also usually includes a lot of anger and frustration at being oppressed by those we put the blame on (even though we had the choice not to give our power away the whole time).

The SECOND STAGE is where we take full responsibility for everything we create (including the bad stuff). We accept that other people are just innocent actors in our personal play. We drop blaming ourselves and others and act with forgiveness and humility. We patiently accept and forgive each circumstance we create that is unwanted. This stage is great because we become very self-validating and can see earth is a game that is only a small part of the overall universe. There’s still lots of ebb and flow, but we recover more quickly because we understand and experience the implications of not doing so.

During this stage most people take responsibility for teaching others, but they have to be resilient because this information seems a delusional fairytale to most people. Most people will call you crazy for thinking a film is real, without realising they are actually trapped in the matrix. Leading by example is probably the best way to highlight what is possible to others. The requirement to keep your ego in check and come from a place of love is paramount at this stage.

With great power comes great responsibility!


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