Starseeds are advanced souls who have chosen to incarnate in human form to assist Gaia and Humanity ascend into 5D.

Starseeds often feel like aliens on earth because they are. They are not used to living by the duality belief system which is very dark and complicated. They often feel homesick and know they have a mission on earth which falls outside the cultural norms of marriage, kids, job etc.

Starseeds possess a different kind of intelligence which is considered by most people on earth to be crazy, fantastical, arrogant or delusional. They are more attuned to their inner guidance and intuition but are taught to mistrust it in childhood in favour of external wisdom. Inner guidance is a strong knowing or drive to do something which most people can’t quantify.

Unity understanding is far simpler than duality consciousness because there is no fear or separation.

Starseeds agree to experience traumatic situations here on earth for the advancement of their own soul and also to heal the collective.

They each have different skills and abilities and are required to integrate and hold the light being sent by the central sun. They are located strategically across the planet, so they can feed into the light grid on Gaia.

They find living in 3D density very difficult, sometimes to the point of feeling completely paralysed. Reduction of freedom and power is very challenging, particularly if this is the first earth incarnation. They are used to a much more divine level of existence.

Starseeds are highly sensitive to energy and often become hermits as they need time to recharge and prefer to be alone rather than living a normal 3D life.

The 3D earth experience has spiralled out of control because of the fear created by the duality belief system. Fear masquerades as the light so the love starseeds offer is often seen as dark.

All the rules, laws and conventions we experience on earth are designed to keep us safe, but they misunderstand the nature of reality and life just becomes more and more divided, fearful and complicated.

In truth the environment is completely safe and it is our misinterpretation of it that causes all manner of problems.

We are here to help humanity increase levels of consciousness, but this can feel a challenging task because of the stories that are so ingrained in our psyches.

Working hard for money, being scared of being authentic, fearing the outside world, wars, being subordinate to others and division will all become a thing of the past.

The new 5D earth will be more loving, relaxing, harmonious, innovative, play oriented, abundant and safe.

Most humans don’t realise the only issues experienced on earth are a result of the duality belief system which God doesn’t use. Without it live is peaceful, loving, free flowing and abundant.

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