Sarah is a wayshower and incarnated at this time to help with the long awaited planetary ascension. Her particular area of expertise is unity consciousness or non-duality.

Unity and duality are two very different ways of seeing, experiencing and evaluating the world. The duality belief system on earth is heavily focused on separation and fear, and because our beliefs are the creative power of the universe we can create heaven or hell for ourselves. The unity belief system looks on the same reality and sees nothing but peace, harmony, love and oneness. So we can see the problem is with the evaluation system, not the people themselves. The evaluation system creates guilt, shame and fear which then lead to all manner of problems.

Like all other wayshowers she agreed to enter the earth plane, forgetting her soul mission, carrying karma to heal herself and others. As is often the case wayshowers choose challenging family situations and encounter much trauma. They can’t understand the duality belief system on earth, because they have come from a more conscious, harmonious and loving plane of existence. Attempts throughout life to override the system are met with dissent and the wayshower learns that in order to be loved and accepted they must shut up and fit in. This strongly jars with their soul though and eventually they awaken, seek truth, start to heal and share the good news with others.

When they choose to come here they think it will be a relatively easy mission, but without the remembrance of their divine power they often end up feeling homesick and lost without really understanding why. They don’t want the things most other humans do and can’t help but feel there’s so much more to life than this slavery. This feeling pervades their sense of existence and fuels their hunt for the holy grail. Learning to become internally validating by giving up the need for external validation is quite the challenge, but one that becomes easier with practice.

The 3D earth construct is a malleable illusion over which each human being has complete mastery. The extent to which we influence our own experience is pretty mindblowing and takes time to sink in. Falling down the rabbit hole must be done at our own pace, because it can be mighty disorientating. The journey of learning to listen to our inner guidance as opposed to the insanity of ego takes time, humility, forgiveness and self love. The transition from being a powerless mortal to the all powerful God-self is why we are really here. The earth is meant to be a playground for friendly opposition, but has spiralled out of control and is on a path of self-destruction. Fortunately there has been a plan ongoing for thousands of years to raise human consciousness and as more and more wayshowers are waking up, healing, teaching and absorbing the 5D light, the message of love and peace is steadily progressing through to the masses.

Sarah predominantly shares her insight on youtube, twitter and instagram.