Social Conditioning

To me, social conditioning is a defensive strategy we use to make others conform to what makes us comfortable. As time goes by this becomes a more onerous task. In fact, if you really think about it, it’s insane. Needing everyone to change to make us feel comfortable sounds like an impossible task, yet we often religiously try it.

We are so conditioned to believe the external environment is where the answers are we could search there forever and never find peace.

Social conditioning started a long time ago by people who wanted to control others in order to gain power and money. These teachings became commonplace and very few people questioned them.

When I was growing up social conditioning seemed to jar so badly with my soul, it felt like death by a thousand cuts. If you’re the kind of person who wants to be authentic and has big ideas, prepare for some serious resistance from the outside world. Most people are somewhat afraid of change and innovation.

I could see from an early age that my parents and teachers were brainwashed by a system that made life complicated, frightening and painful.

I’ll give you some examples of social conditioning:

  • Feeling guilty for sneezing, coughing, yawning or farting
  • Not saying what you really think for fear of upsetting someone
  • Believing the happiness of others is more important than your own
  • Feeling guilty and ashamed for being successful and abundant
  • Feeling worthless and unloveable
  • Being punished, mocked or ridiculed for expressing your interests
  • Brainwashing people to believe there is danger around every corner
  • Keeping people in the dark about their innate divine power
  • Educating them not to trust their inner guidance
  • Looking down on someone who carries weight or has addictions
  • Being scolded for yawning because it makes someone else feel boring
  • Racism, sexism, fascism, materialism, religious hatred (any division)
  • Valuing some jobs more than others, even though they are all valuable

The list goes on.

We are so trained away from our authentic nature it’s devastating for so many people.

The pandemic has people bowing and scraping to others for the most ridiculous things. Making people wear masks is to make them feel guilty for breathing. This is social conditioning to a very destructive level.

When we understand all situations in life are meaningless apart for the meaning we each give them, it becomes apparent the power to maintain peace resides within. Not blaming others for every little discomfort we feel requires us to really step up.

So many people are traumatised.

We are supposed to live by the universal laws which apply and enforce themselves, but fear has caused us to create rule after rule after rule in order to control the environment in a bid to stay safe. If you zoom out and look at this concept from a macro level it is clear to see it is a futile way to maintain safety and comfort.

We must turn in the opposite direction by realising that fear is an illusion and love is all there is.

Imagine how loving, fearless and accomplished we would all be if we hadn’t been punished for so many little things when we were young.

New earth will be free of guilt, shame, fear & anger. People will be loved for their authentic natures and be in jobs they love that fill their soul.

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