Shadow Work

We often think of the shadow aspects of the psyche as the unwanted and bad aspects of ourselves that we have disowned. However social conditioning has caused us to relegate many of our wonderful qualities there too.

In fact, I think it is fair to say a large percentage of our own light, power and qualities are buried under layers of guilt shame, fear, anger and grief.

Society is extremely polarised at the moment which is simply a reflection of the disowned polarity within. We could never imagine the heinous acts we see in the external are a part of ourselves, but if we want to heal we must accept and forgive this delusion. The interpretation of the images we see outside is entirely ours.

We can see with the Election in the US there is a great deal of animosity, with parties on either side vehemently standing their ground and opposing each other. Both sides believe they are in the right and the other is wrong, yet the motivation for following either party is entirely the same. Everyone wants, peace, love equality and freedom, but these concepts are only realised from a more unified perspective.

We hear the term ‘we are all one’ bandied about but often don’t really know what that means. How on earth are we all one? To grasp the concept we have to accept the whole universe is a part of us and needs to be loved as such.

I have practised with this concept over the last year or so and it’s remarkable how other people shift to embody your assumptions about them. As I’ve said in previous articles the outer world is our mirror 100%. Other people are not separate from us, they are aspects of us, because we are the universe, not just a body. Believing we are a separate and vulnerable body is the cause of our suffering.

The outer world is our shadow and anything we see and don’t like out there is a distortion of our mind. This can seem shocking and unsettling at first, but we adjust to it in time. We recognise the bad things are reflections of what’s hidden in our subconscious that we are being shown so we can forgive and release. When we forgive, release fear and choose to see others and situations lovingly, they then present to us that way, it is spiritual law.

What we see outside us is our inner stories made real. We are the Author, Producer, Director & all the Actors in our play. When we feel victimised by the actors in our play, we must thank them for playing the part we cast them in and show them more love, so they can love us back.

My ego self has political preferences, but my spirit self knows it’s all imaginary and I can give whatever meaning to a situation I want. I can get het up about what doesn’t seem fair, but I’m better off taking a look at why I care so much.

All triggers relate to past events and are projected onto present events, so we are never upset for the reason we think. Looking inside ourselves can seem unsettling and scary at first, but we are all innocent, so anything we see that is guilty can be loved and plucked out.

Recognising we are not our wounded inner child; that our inner child is a part of us we can lovingly re-parent is very empowering. There is nothing outside ourselves we actually lack because what we experience is created purely by our thoughts and our thoughts can access the whole of creation.

I like to think of the outer world as my own private movie, whereby I can look at my egoic interpretations, establish where they originate from and decide if I want to improve the script in future.

Being spiritually evolved requires we perceive life on a whole different axis, which is a radical 180 on the way society teaches us to live. This path is not for the faint hearted, but is well worth the effort.

The darkness inside is part of us but only ever illusion. We should heal the parts that hurt and allow our authenticity to roam free.

When the outer world is overpowering us it’s time to go within and find our own power again.

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