School or Prison

When I was growing up I didn’t much like school. I strongly dislike conformity, oppression, and being bored. All of these aspects are ‘a given’ in school, particularly if you possess an otherworldly kind of intelligence and or are a born leader.

Much of what is taught in school is irrelevant to adult life. Forcing people to study subjects they are not interested in or good at appears to be an exercise in making the school look diverse, rather than caring about the happiness and wellbeing of the children.

The system of punishment and discipline in schools is too harsh and results in children fearing authority and hiding their authenticity. Control is a major fear and teachers and headteachers are terrified of not being able to control the children, for fear of looking bad to the council or community.

There is too great a focus on external validation in the school system. You must do well in your exams or you will be looked down on by life or never get anywhere is a fairly typical and unhealthy assumption. The focus needs to shift to internal validation in a healthy way, rather than a selfish way. Feeling guilty or bad for prioritising your own well-being is a perfect example of social conditioning.

The truth is many successful entrepreneurs disliked school and didn’t excel there because rebelling felt more authentic. So much creativity goes untapped in school because rote learning is considered more important. It begs the question more important to whom?

School to me felt like a sausage machine, where you are essentially taught to disown yourself in favour of becoming a stereotypical hard working individual for an unfair reward.

I enjoyed some of my lessons at school, don’t get me wrong, but the predominant focus is on forcing information in rather than drawing the innate abilities out. Children are born with a soul mission, with particular skills and ambitions. To squash this out of them by telling them to be more realistic is sickening.

During my time as a parent I have known my children be unable to play football at break because the footballs are going outside the school grounds. My youngest son was given an ASBO for playing peanuts. I mean come on, really? I have also been told children are sent to isolation for goodness knows what. Sounds decidedly Dickensian.

The school my boys are currently at recently became an academy and wanted to introduce a smarter uniform. It consulted the parents who predominantly stated they wanted to keep the current more practical and comfy uniform , but the school went ahead anyway. It’s all for show. Ego gratification is the order of the day and leads to no good thing.

Imagine how loving, talented and giving you would be if from childhood you had always been encouraged and respected for your ideas and efforts. So many people hide their light because exposure to rejection or ridicule is just too painful.

Children with ADD, ADHD, Autism and Aspergers are considered disordered by the system, when in truth they are so intelligent they are simply misunderstood. I believe children with these traits are being born specifically to not fit in, to teach us not to label children and put them in boxes. To love thire diversity and stop being so uptight about authentic behaviour.

We must lose the obsession with controlling the environment and control the way we perceive. One is so much easier than the other, yet we take on the enormous task of controlling the environment which is insane if you really think about it.

If learning is not fun it will not be retained.

Much of what is taught in schools is designed to keep children in the dark about their divine heritage. Education and religion are great systems for keeping us clueless about how powerful we truly are.

I have learned more since leaving school then I ever did at school because pursuing what you’re interested in is innate and rewarding.

My key skills and areas of interest are property developing, spirituality and photography all of which are self taught simply by exploration. Youtube is a great resource for esoteric information.

My rationale was always if something feels right but we are told it’s wrong, then the system is wrong because the feelings can’t be.

I believe schools will be radically altered in the not too distant future in line with the ascension of earth into 5D. Too much innovation has been stifled by the powers that be and the masses are in for a wonderful surprise when the find out the truth.

Children and adults should be healthier, more confident and fearless because all problems are self created.

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