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Psychospirituality in a Nutshell

The area of Self Love I’m most interested in & knowledgeable about is the psycho spiritual realm.  I know it’s intangible so can be an enigma to some people, but I have the ability to perceive information from the environment many don’t experience & certainly not with as much clarity.  It may seem weird but I don’t use my physical senses a great deal because I predominantly use my intuition (sixth sense) which focuses on advanced pattern recognition.  Sensation and intuition exist as a polarity so to use one you automatically suppress the other.  Intuition recognises patterns and is big on imagination, so you can see why it is important to bypass what is registered by the senses in order to perceive what might be or what’s hidden.  I can see the potential in people but also what they have hidden in their shadow.

My interests in psychology stem from a personal desire to grow but also a natural gift for & inclination to understand human nature.  The human mind is a complex labyrinth of knowledge and repetition caused by momentum of thought.  It’s harder to switch gears when you’ve been inclined in one direction of thought for so long, but it can be done through knowledge and chronic mindful practice.  People get stuck in loops caused by subconscious programming and these loops can be very disorientating because they are far removed from our true nature.

For those on the enlightenment path (we all are, but some are more aware than others) the aim of the game is to think your thoughts, not let your thoughts think you.  You are not your mind or your emotions but the reader of them.  Mastering this practice increases happiness & inner stability and reduces disconnection & fear, which is a construct of the egoic mind experienced as duality.

Enlightened beings merge with the present moment without judging it or wanting it to be different.  They stand fully in their power and experience the oneness of all that is.  They are aware their thoughts & beliefs reverberate through the cosmos influencing everything.  They see only wellness and abundance because increased consciousness is pure and simple.

As children we are enlightened and believe anything is possible but over time we become influenced by disconnected others and lose contact with being, our divine nature.  This belief is as accurate as any because thoughts & beliefs create reality.  The layers of conditioning grow & grow until they weigh us down so much we can no longer carry them.  The universe is benevolent and expansive so we are always being guided towards the light.  This is why we feel so off when we are not living authentically and attuned to our innate inner guidance.  Mother Nature is mysteriously intelligent!

Quantum leaps are possible but not likely as humans generally harbour too much resistance.  A radical paradigm shift is required to up level your consciousness and although this can be done at any time it usually only occurs when pain & struggle becomes overwhelming.  Shifting from one level to the next is confounding because it requires looking at something completely differently than the previous level.

Psychology is often the stepping stone to comprehend the egoic mind but it only takes us so far because it fails to see the oneness of humanity.  The ego develops when we lose contact with being and an illusion is formed leading us to believe completeness exists outside ourselves.  We feel separate and fear the outside world we perceive as working against us.  This illusion needs to be seen as such and given up, because completion can only be felt through our connection to the source which we maintain by our commitment to unconditional love, basic trust, feeling good and following our dreams…

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