• Mysticism Psychology Self

    The Mystery of Synchronicity

    Synchronicity is a term originated by Carl G Jung who is one of my all time heroes.  He noticed meaningful occurrences were interlinked with no seemingly causal relationship.  The universe sends you signs to…

  • Psychology Relationships Self

    Fantasy Bond Relationships

    A fantasy bond occurs between people who crave intimacy but are self protective & afraid to be alone.  These relationships initially feel like true love but dissolve into a love/fear dynamic due to emotional…

  • Career Self

    Overcome Creative Blocks

    Creativity connects us to our authenticity & that’s why we love to create.  That blissful feeling is one of life’s most pleasurable experiences.  In the creative moment we are free from inhibition & the…

  • Self

    What is Authenticity?

    Authenticity is being true to yourself & genuine. It’s knowing that your thoughts, feelings, perceptions & desires are worthy & valid.  Your inner guidance is designed for you and will lead you in the…

  • Self

    Change your Story

    Life is built on stories, but is the story you’re telling holding you back?  Sometimes we create an identity out of our story because it feels safe and familiar, but it is focused on…

  • Self

    Self Love for Men

    A lack of authenticity in men is the reason male suicide rates are so high.  Our culture reveres manly men who act macho and suppress their feelings.  Many men are afraid to speak up…

  • Family Self

    Let’s talk Parental Influence

    Our parents pass on their knowledge and beliefs to us influencing the vast majority of our waking adult life through the subconscious process, unless we deliberately become more conscious. If your parents are connected…

  • Self

    How do you Feel?

    If you’re interested in self love I’m guessing you’ve been taught your thoughts, feelings, perceptions & choices don’t matter because they make others uncomfortable.  Feelings form part of our inner guidance so when we…