Today I have done a youtube video about why I have chosen not to wear a facemask during the supposed covid-19 pandemic. The death rate is 0.03% and I believe a mountain is being made out of a molehill for no good reason. I also prefer freedom to safety and believe the government should provide advice not enforce their tyrannical beliefs on everyone.

I have had my spiritual awakening over the last few years and know health is an inside job. What we think of as reality is really a smoke and mirrors illusion created by our thoughts, beliefs and assumptions. There is no causation in form because all causation is mental.

To see others as less than their powerful, divine nature is no longer something I will do because it would go against my integrity and understanding.

I have done and continue to do the inner work so I can step further into my sovereignty and I wish to be an example to others who want to take the same journey. I know and accept responsibility for the fact that how others behave towards me is solely my responsibility.

The masks that most people are wearing are not considered suitable as PPE and to me are symbolic of a belief in weakness, conformity and giving power away.

I appreciate others don’t share that belief and respect their right to do what works for them.

I also feel that trying to control the environment is either a defensive strategy to find personal comfort or a deliberate attempt to enslave others.

Shifts in consciousness take time and we should work with our own beliefs because we are subject to them.

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