New Angled Staircase

It might seem a bit of a drastic measure but changing the staircase in this house meant I could comfortably add a third (master) bedroom with en-suite.

I was fascinated watching how the stairs came out.  First came the stud wall, then the risers, then one side of the support, the individual treads and finally the other side support.

The new hole is cut through the breeze black wall to create a new landing at the top of the new staircase.

Just the final two steps to go.  If you look carefully you can see the pre-cut grooves on the left hand side of the picture.

All in, and a very neat job

The space under the stairs will become a pantry and the hall will be closed off from this room to make room for a seating area.

Ta da, all painted and carpeted.  To the right of the staircase is the newly formed coat cupboard which has stopped access to the kitchen in order to create a breakfast nook.

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