Mirror Youniverse

One we awaken from the dream of life (3D matrix) there are certain things we need to understand about the nature of reality, all of which can seem a real mind-bender.

When we are born into 3D reality we believe this is our only life and we are an ‘individual and vulnerable being’ that needs to fit in and conform to what appears to be an overpowering external environment.

The external environment appears to be separate from us and also powerful and scary. It is quite the reverse. We assume the external universe is objective and everyone sees and experiences it the same way, but this is not so. Our minds are all interconnected and this is why we can think of someone and they call us shortly after.

You may have heard the term ‘we are all one’ and if you are curious like me, you probably thought – ‘really? how so? For me this understanding has come in stages with the final stage being a knowing that other people are simply personifying your thoughts and feelings at all times.

Our beliefs create the aspects of creation we experience. This is why we repeat problems without realising we are the cause. We think we are jinxed, but don’t believe we are powerful enough to create in this way so remain oblivious.

What we think, feel, assume & believe is out-pictured on the screen of space and what we predominantly focus on is what we experience.

If you are able to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled until it manifests, you have mastered the secret of creation gifted by God.

Often we blame others in our reality who seem to be making us uncomfortable, without realising they are simply reflecting our thoughts back to us. Essentially they are innocent actors in our own personal movie. This is why in the Bible we are asked to Love thy God (self) first and foremost and love they neighbour second.

Our culture teaches us that prioritising ourselves is selfish and this is to keep us in the dark about our divine nature.

If you love or disapprove of thy neighbour or value them more highly than yourself, unpleasant things happen. Others people treat us the way we treat ourselves. This may seem harsh, but once we’ve mastered the mirror we simply use the behaviour of others as feedback and a reminder to think about wanted experiences rather than unwanted.

Nothing outside you has power over you, not the government, your parents, a virus, earthquakes etc. This is why the Bible warns you about avoiding False Gods or Idols.

Prioritising self is often considered selfish and not a virtue, but this is simply a result of social conditioning by a system that wants to take advantage of your naivety about who you really are.

When you are doing something that doesn’t feel good but you have been told is good, you are not in authenticity. Authenticity is following your internal feeling and intuitive guidance. when we are authentic we feel good and life just flows. As children we are authentic and innocent but generally trained away from what is seen as being naive or having our heads in the clouds. We are actually supposed to live like children because our needs and wants are all taken care of by God, in much the same ways as they are for animals and birds.

Human beings have the additional imaginal power of creativity though, and until we know and master this we can be a bit like a misfiring weapon.

Understanding and working with the mirror youniverse takes time, practice personal responsibility & humility, but as you master it it becomes more and more fun and exciting.

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