Mental Diet & Affirmations

What we ingest mentally has more importance than most of us realise.

As we live in a mental universe our thoughts are the creative power of our experience.

When we go on a diet it is our mental discipline that determines whether or not we are successful. The mind is always calling the shots. Even though it may appear as though the physical actions are doing the work, they are really only the effect.

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right

Henry Ford

I trained for a marathon in 2013 and even though it was physically challenging the mental challenge was definitely tougher, because that’s where the motivation comes from.

We have around 70,000 thoughts a day and each one of them has creative power. Although it is our dominant thought patterns that shape the theme of our lives.

Before we understand how powerful our thoughts are we ingest all sorts of undesirable things. The news, gossip, negative songs, tv shows and films. We also chunter away to ourselves internally without realising our negativity is creating more of the same in our outer expereince.

Until we seriously notice our thoughts and recurring patterns we are asleep to the power they/we hold.

We may notice our uncomfortable emotions but be unaware it is our thoughts creating these emotional states.

Positive affirmations are a great way to feel better and more empowered in our lives. We can also affirm things we would like to happen, such as decreeing a sick friend is better or we are treated kindly.

If we lack confidence or feel stuck in a rut, it is all down to the pattern of our thoughts.

Overcoming patterns of negative thoughts can be challenging because affirming positive things about ourselves, we don’t yet believe, can bring up feelings of resistance such as doubt, guilt and shame.

Having a positive mental diet gets easier with time, if we push through the discomfort initially. Our new thought patterns must become dominant and assumed before we can create lasting change.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post it is a great idea to establish which of our thoughts are negative so we can actively reverse them.

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