Sarah was our guest speaker for our networking event, where she spoke about self love.

She was full of knowledge and passion and the group thoroughly enjoyed her talk. There were lots of nuggets I took away, things I could relate to and ah ha moments, which gave me the belief to trust in the universe.

Thank you Sarah, you were fantastic! Xx

NATALIE KERR | Natalie Kerr Online Business Manager

Sarah’s insight has resulted in significant improvement in my life.

As a result of my time with Sarah I’ve become more aware of the importance of loving myself and am far happier for it.

Whilst my journey isn’t finished, my path has certainly been set.

TIM McDERMOTT | The House & Garden Handyman

I absolutely love my time with Sarah, because I feel uplifted & come away with greater belief in myself & know the universe is working with me.

Sarah is practical in her approach & advice, is an excellent listener, but almost more importantly for me she actively practices what she believes.

EMMA WADSWORTH | Charmful Bracelets

I saw Sarah talk recently and left feeling inspired. I have been on a self love journey for about a year and her knowledge and insight was educational and insightful.

She drew my attention to topics I had neglected because I never knew they existed.

GEMMA BOAK | The Psoriasis Geek

Sarah she has grown from someone who was quite timid into the confident person she is today. This mostly come about through her interest in personality typology, which progressed to a passion for human potential.

What she has achieved both personally and professionally is admirable.  I don’t know anyone else who has renovated and extended three properties whilst juggling two lively boys, a career and studying!

GILL BARNARD | Bridge Electrical Supplies

Sarah is one of the most inspiring people I know. She is an absolute font of knowledge about personality psychology and spirituality; every time I talk to her I learn something new and fascinating about how humans work – a quick chat with Sarah usually ends with a personal revelation about how I fit in with the universe!

As well as having deep understanding of practical personality tools such as Myers Briggs and the Enneagram, she really knows how these translate into everyday reality and it is really interesting to see how she uses these theoretical principals to transform her own and other people’s lives to great positive effect. 
I am always impressed by her ability to throw herself into the work she loves.  As well as studying and working, she is a talented designer with great vision and has turned around four large renovation projects in the last few years, all with two children in tow. This is a woman with skills!”

GEMMA McDERMOTT | Optometrist