Jesus Christ

It took me time to understand that Jesus represents different things to different people.

For some, he is an actual person they are expecting to return to earth to save us, to others he is a personification of an enlightened being we are all on the path to emulate. Jesus is also the key to salvation.

The symbolic translation is very different and I particularly like Neville Goddard’s take on the bible being allegory, representing the evolution of the soul of every man woman and child.

I daresay there are many other perspectives too but these are the two main ones I’ve encountered.

Jesus is an abbreviation of Jehova. Hebrew letters each have a meaning and numerical component, so each Hebrew words actually has meaning in itself.

Within the name lies the key to creation. Jehova is made up of the letters:

JOD – state of consciousness

HE – desired imaginary state

VAU – fuses JOD/HE

HE – desired manifest state

If you read the literal translation of the bible you will likely believe it is a historical story of people and events. The literal stories in the bible are barbaric and nonsensical to me.

Neville states that each of the individuals in the bible are personifications of the states the soul passes through on the way to enlightenment, with Jesus being the ultimate state. We are all destined to be as powerful as Jesus but we must hone this God-given ability in ourselves.

Essentially because the imagination is God we must die to our old conception of ourselves and embody the new state until we manifest our desires. This is what it means to be born again. The resurrection is not a one-time event but a process taking place in man all of the time.

This is how Jesus Christ is God’s Plan of Salvation. To enter the Kingdom of Heaven one must rely on their spiritual/mental nature.

Neville explains that Jesus Christ is the wonderful human imagination. ‘In the beginning was the word’ means our inner and outer conversation are creating our outer experience.

To me the second options makes more sense, because I think it’s unlikely for one person to be more important than another. Many people are pinning their hopes on a man called Jesus coming back to somehow save them.

Nowhere in the bible is there an explanation of what Jesus looks like or where he is buried. Neville explained this is because Jesus is simply a personification and not an actual person that ever lived. It is challenging to explain the process of evolution without the human element.

The Lord’s name is stated to be ‘I AM’ on many occasions, specifically because I AM applies to everyone and what we put after the I AM is creating our reality. We but must control our thoughts in order to operate the almighty power that we are.

As a child I knew the wise voice inside me was my higher self and there was not a deity outside me I should worship. I guess there was always a part of me that knew the Christian traditions I was being taught were bogus and not remotely divine. God or Jesus Christ as a deity or saviour seemed about as realistic as Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, yet to some adults, an external saviour is still considered plausible.

What do you believe?

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