‘I AM’

The Lord’s Name is forever and ever ‘I AM’. Why would that be if it didn’t apply to everyone? Think about it! Who would call someone I AM? It’s a dead giveaway, hidden in plain sight.

Everyone can say I AM, because it’s generic.

What we think or say after I AM is paramount because it’s the creative power of our lives.

All causation is mental, which means our thoughts, assumptions and beliefs are creating our outer experience.

Ever wondered why some people seem to have an easy ride in life and others not so much? It’s because of the way they talk to themselves internally.

‘In the beginning was the word’ means the thought comes first and shapes matter.

What we think is solidly real is in fact energy vibrating at a particular rate. It’s nothing more than smoke and mirrors – a passing illusion. Accepting life as it is, is perhaps the most wonderful way to live.

We believe we live in time and therefore accumulate schemas as a result of patterns of experience. Even though every moment has no connection to the previous moment we are taught to believe it does, and carry stories about people and experiences which can seem hard to shift (particularly if they are not favourable).

A person who predominantly thinks I AM lucky, loved, intelligent etc will experience a happier reality than someone who thinks I AM unlucky, unloved and stupid. It really is as straightforward as that (in theory anyway).

If we had been born knowing this it would be easy but if you’ve had decades stuck with a particular unwanted belief it may take serious persistence to let go.

Until we learn and accept our thoughts create we can be sloppy with our thinking; completely oblivious to what we’re doing to ourselves.

Understanding that life is imaginal and we are the sole creators of our experience can be hard to swallow but is also exciting. It’s the holy grail when it comes to information, because once you accept how powerful you are, you can really work on empowering yourself bit by bit.

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