How do you Feel?

If you’re interested in self love I’m guessing you’ve been taught your thoughts, feelings, perceptions & choices don’t matter because they make others uncomfortable.  Feelings form part of our inner guidance so when we feel angry it is wise to understand why we feel this way.  Human emotions are designed to be felt, processed and released rather than repressed or disassociated from.

Unprocessed feelings eventually leak out causing emotional eruptions consciously or unconsciously, often projected onto innocent people.  Not experiencing our feelings leads to addictions and cognitive dissonance.

If tuning into your feelings is new to to you I recommend journalling because writing things down forces you to think in a structured way.  When you’ve written something down you can let it go, knowing it is always there for reference should you want to resurrect it.

Really getting in tune with your feelings is key to loving yourself, because your feelings tell you how far away from your true self you have become.  Feeling bad is a sign you are disconnected from your true self and need to return to authenticity and tune others out. Feeling good means you’re aligned with higher self…

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