Goodbye Charlie

Yesterday we said goodbye to our beloved Charlie who was sadly hit by a car.

He was a beautiful, gentle and patient cat. We loved him to the max and we had so much fun with him.

When we first got him he loved playing and exploring outside. He predominantly stayed in the garden.

We got Hallie when he was almost one and they took to each other almost straight away and were the best of friends.

She is coping well without him, but we shall get a kitten playmate for her and us too because kittens are adorable.

We have loads of photos and footage of the two of them racing around.

Need to get some of his best photos printed off and put in frames.

We love you beautiful Charlie boy, you made us so very happy, you will be missed.

I feel better knowing death is really an illusion and Charlie’s soul will live forever. He is buried in the back garden under the tree where he loved to bask in the sun.


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