The word feminism was introduced to help move away from patriarchy and create equality.

However using traditionally feminine traits such as gentleness didn’t seem to have the desired effect and protestors felt they had to become aggressive to get their point across. Unfortunately this approach tainted the original intention and now feminism is strongly associated with man hating.

It is for this reason I feel ‘equality’ is a better word choice to allay the same message, because it is gender neutral.

Feminism eventually split into distinct groups such as liberal, radical, marxist, cultural, socialist and eco, to name the main ones.

If you ask people if they are a feminist they will likely say no, but if you ask if they believe in equality they will likely say yes. The more shocking styles of feminism are more likely to make the news and potentially highlighted the whole movement in a biased way.

“the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of equality of the sexes”.


Those who don’t want or believe in equality may be struggling with inner conflict and insecurity due to past experiences with the opposite gender, but beyond that we all want balance and harmony.

I have written posts on divine feminine and divine masculine which highlight the traits associated with both. Although women tend to be more feminine and men more masculine we all have a balance of both.

Balancing the two is vitally important for the good of humankind and 5D consciousness.

Many protest to be given more power without realising taking one’s power back is an inside job. Protesting is good for raising awareness and increasing motivation, but change is always an inside job.

The inner state creates the outer state and this is why some people encounter aggression externally and some don’t. This is vitally important to understand. We only need change our self concept to be seen and treated differently in reality. Outer aggression or lack of respect is a sign of inner aggression and lack of self respect.

Embody the empowered man or women and watch the world shift to accommodate your new sense of self. If you expereince inconsitent results it is simply because of an internal inconsistency of attention. Stay focused and this will diminish over time.

Men typically need to become less career focused and more relationship and family focused and women need to become less family and relationship and more career focused. This of course is a sweeping generalisation as there are role reversals in both cases.

Trying to juggle everything or have it all is something many women grapple with today. Women will eventually find balance for themselves when they establish their priorities based on inner values rather than societal expectation.

Thankfully the creator made us all equally on the level of the mind. Being what many consider the weaker sex is not really a hardship once you know the playing field is mental and everyone has dominion over their own reality in this regard.

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