False Gods & Idols

In the bible we are told not to worship False Gods and Idols, however, we live in a culture where our predominant focus is on worshipping false idols.

Nothing outside us should take the place of the creator. Not another person, not an authority, not money, not material items, not a virus etc.

In the bible the Scribes and the Pharisees represent what Abraham Hicks amusingly refers to as the Peanut Gallery, aka other people. We are warned not to value the images (people and situations) we create because we are their maker. They are essentially the shadow we cast over creation.

Each person we encounter is simply a personification of our thoughts, so if we value the people outside ourselves more than we value ourselves we are sinning and not seeing creation accurately.

The more we give our power away to an external person, authority, object or apparent threat the more power it has over us. This is how addictions control us, because we believe we need them to stay balanced. What happens though is we are giving our light/imaginal power away and are destined to become overwhelmed by the projection/shadow.

Most people think it is virtuous to follow an external authority but it expressly goes against the creators wishes for his children. No one is greater than another because we are essentially not separate and all have access to the same imaginal creative resource (spirit/divine mind).

The Lord does not have an ego to be offended by blasphemy, but not loving yourself first is definitely blasphemous, because you are part of the creator.

To believe a virus has more power over you than your imaginal God-given power is as ridiculous as it is foolish. Immunity is as simple as choosing to reside in a fearless state of wellbeing.

We live in a world where the vast majority are giving their power away and are fortunately or unfortunately seeing the ramifications of the inequality this causes.

We can complain about an external power removing our freedoms but they can never do so without our consent. Victim consciousness must be laid aside because with great power comes great responsibility.

The only threatening thing we are subject to as humans is the outcome created by our own thoughts. Otherwise there is nothing in creation that can harm us.

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