Extra Terrestrials & UFO’s

For most of my life I truly had no idea UFO’s and ET’s were real.

It amuses me now because I have met so many people who have memories of different planets, galaxies and civilisations. Even though my concrete memories haven’t returned yet, I have always felt like an alien on this planet and never understood the conformity, brutality, complexity and materialism.

As a child I felt like an alien and a square peg in a round hole. Most people in my reality were focused on what I considered mundane stuff, but over time I learned if I wanted to be loved and accepted I had to fit in.

I wasn’t being authentic though and this destroys you over time because you are essentially disowning yourself and come out of alignment. Over time I just became bored and uncomfortable being around others and preferred to spend time alone studying, reading and being in nature. Over the last few years I have met many fellow starseeds who are also here to help earth and humanity ascend.

We are often led to believe ET’s are mysterious, malevolent and a threat to us.

I have heard a few stories of people who work for NASA or the Forces who are sworn to secrecy about their encounters with ET’s. The current ‘powers that be’ like to keep humanity in the dark, enslaved and earning money for them.

People from civilisations that think like me are at various stages of retrieving their memories.

I resonate strongly with the traits of Andromedans and my Starseed Origin report says I have also incarnated on Lyra (Vega), Arcturus, Hyades (Epsilon Tauri). Apparently it’s rare to have Lyra and Arcturus in the same chart and both are evolved knowledge and technology-wise. I am a major knowledge geek and have an innovative nature too.

There are many videos, moreso recently of spacecraft on the internet which is very exciting.

The ET’s are helping earth and humanity at this time by working with the lightworkers on the ground. It has to be a combined effort or it would go against the free will of humans.

Looking forward to find out more about my previous incarnations and escapades in previous lives.

I’m also very excited to meet my star family and travel on spaceships again, but they won’t come to earth if it’s going to frighten people. The light being sent to earth to upgrade our DNA is coming in thick and fast and more and more people will get their memories back.

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