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Everyone is You Pushed Out

When I first heard of this concept it blew me away.  I believe it expands to ‘everything is you pushed out’ or the outer world is a reflection of your consciousness.

I had been hearing for a while that the universe is a mirror, but it didn’t realise to what extent. A spiritual friend had recently said to me the more enlightened you become, the more you end up staring straight into your own face.

At first I was elated to understand that everything coming back to me from the outer world is my own creation and I can control it by evaluating everything positively.  Then as it sunk in more I realised that if you don’t control your negative assumptions you will pay twice (both internally & externally).  Nothing and no one on the outside can differ from your assumptions, because their behaviour is an animation of them.

There are no separate others at all really, because there is only one consciousness. Whatever you do to others you are only doing to yourself.

Our beliefs and assumptions develop over time, but particularly in the first 7 years of life when we are in a hypnotic state. This is why childhood feels like a dream. The theta brainwaves allow us to absorb information like a sponge without being that conscious of it, as we have so much to take in during our formative years.

If we harbour beliefs and assumptions that the external world is unpredictable, dangerous, cruel, deteriorating, unsupportive, lawless, lacking etc, we will continue to see evidence of this externally. As our thoughts create and the world is ‘us pushed out’, we essentially perpetuate negative situations over and over, not understanding it’s our own thoughts and beliefs that are the catalyst. We can have lots of unhelpful beliefs lurking in the subconscious that need to be overwritten once we understand conscious creation.

We can create our own rules to life if we are prepared to predominantly look inwards for guidance and tune out redundant or disliked manifestations from the the 3D world. The 3D world is a bi-product of previous imaginal acts and fleeting thoughts, so it is helpful to think of negative manifestations as old news and something to learn from but not dwell on.

I challenge you to try this. If you have negative assumptions about someone, yourself or something, start to think more positively and watch the person or situation morph to match your new assumptions. It’s actually very clever when you are aware, realise what’s happening and know you can improve it within your mind.

The outer world is meaningless until the human mind ascribes meaning to it. This is so we can create whatever meaning we like and opportunities for expansion or contraction are limitless. We have emotions that fall on a scale ranging from joy, love and freedom to powerlessness, unworthiness and shame. The universe is immoral and doesn’t differentiate between positive and negative, it just picks up on the topic and sends you more.

Changing things in the outer world is an inside job, and as simple as changing your thoughts and beliefs.

We each experience our own individual version of reality, including mutual people and situations. This is why people can experience vastly different perspectives of the same person and why it isn’t wise to judge a person based on somebody else’s concept of them. You can only experience the contents of your own conscious state at any given time. Other people have no free will or creative power in your world and must embody your assumptions about them.

You are the only operant power, so it pays to see the best in everyone if you want to experience the best of everyone. If you have a negative thought about someone they embody and reflect back to you, it can feel as though you are being unfairly treated. You may feel like a victim and blame them for the behaviour you unwittingly created. This shows a lack of understanding about the true nature of reality.

Neville Goddard intuitively felt when he was imagining that he could freeze objects in his imagination and decided to prove this to himself. “The waitress walking, walked not”. The experience made him realise that everything in his external world was nothing more than his own mental activity outpictured.

Going through your beliefs with a fine tooth comb is a life’s work if you want to keep growing and expanding. Limitations you experience in some mental states will be nonexistent in others. That being said it is ok to be exactly where you are and not compare your experience to people who appear more spiritually enlightened than you. Loving every stage of your journey will help you progress faster because it is all for your highest good.

Neville Goddard says that once you’ve realised there are no second causes affecting your life, you can really start to step into your power.  You can however unwittingly attribute power to external things and end up at their mercy. Eventually you’ll see through this though because you’ll notice that your thoughts and external happenings are identical.

Every negative thought you have about others is filtered through you first.  Although the same can be said for positive thoughts so the payback is worth it.

Other people conform to our assumptions about them. What they experience as being their free could well be meeting an internal request of yours. This is particularly prevalent if they are spiritually asleep/unconscious. This is because their thoughts are influenced by ours without them knowing, so it feels natural for them to feel towards us the way we are assuming they feel. You may have noticed people being nice one minute then horrible the next and this is all down to your thoughts.

If we think negatively about a person or situation over a length of time, the problem escalates until it can become quite scary.  The issue becomes steadily more pronounced, which just gives us more evidence that we are correct and fuels our defence. In order to eradicate the issue we need to focus on the solution not the problem. Taking our attention from the problem removes it from our awareness.

We may suddenly decide to grow our hair or move house based on the thoughts of someone else and remain blissfully aware of the motivating cause, because it is intangible and transmitted via the subconscious mind we all share.

Other people each have different perceptions of us based on the lens through which they experience life and this lens is usually formed in response to their own personal experience. Other people don’t have the capacity to create in our experience and are compelled to play the roles we cast them in, just as we play the same role in theirs.

We can only experience what is in our conscious awareness and each mental state we pass through has its own set of beliefs, rules, feelings and blindspots.

I used to believe people projected their issues onto others occasionally, but now I understand life is 100% a projection of our ongoing assumptions.

Neville says “what we truly believe to be true about someone we will awaken in him”.  

The way I like to explain it is “other people become the version of themselves that matches our assumptions and expectations”.

If you want to have a good relationship with someone it is as simple as only focusing on their traits you want to experience more of, because where attention goes, energy flows. Even if you only like 10% of their personality, focusing on it will drown out the other 90%, because focused attention is very powerful.

The way the law of attraction works, you attract thoughts that complement your existing ones, which is great when you’re feeling good but more challenging to overturn when you have negative momentum. Intrusive thoughts can seem unfair when you’re generally trying hard to turn your life around. If you overturn a few more each day eventually you will tip the scales and your default beliefs will improve.

When you think well of others you experience the version of them that matches your concept. 

If you’re not thinking about what someone else is doing consciously, then they’re as good as doing nothing.  This can be helpful if you’re experiencing upsetting ideas about someone who is ill or in danger. We can only be affected by things that reside in our awareness and disciplined denial is one of the 12 disciplines of mind (disciples) in the Bible.

There is no obligation to watch the news or focus on upsetting things. In fact attention on unwanted situations exacerbates them because thought has more creative power than action. Attending marches about wars, for example, contradicts your actual desire because the universe doesn’t differentiate between positive and negative, and just gives energy to an abundance of war.

If you believe there is a shortage of fuel, you will experience large queues at filling stations, whereas someone who doesn’t believe that will see no evidence of such in their reality. This may seem mind boggling to start with, but if you look carefully you will find it to be true.

You can imagine yourself and others to be anything you want, because everything is a possibility.  Everyone is divine and therefore has the capacity to be multifaceted.

Rapid improvements in self concept are possible but may not last, because of the mental adjustments that need to be permanently made. Often an epiphany will make you think that you are forever changed, only to lapse back when the initial momentum wears off. We need to do the inner work to stabilise our thoughts on a more permanent basis before we will see a marked difference in our thoughts, feelings, perceptions and projected outer world.

The external world is a mirror and an excellent provider of feedback about what we ourselves are thinking, assuming and expecting. As we change internally, our external world follows suit.

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