Emotional Scale

The emotional scale created by Abraham Hicks is particularly helpful for understanding & navigating the emotional aspect of our human guidance system.

I used to believe that when something didn’t feel good it was because something outside me was not right. Abraham explains the only thing that feels bad is our thoughts about a certain thing because everything in life is inherently meaningless.

I have played with this concept by thinking up plausible explanations to situations. More positive & loving perspectives feel better than negative & fearful perspectives. The good news is we get to choose because everything is meaningless. God really did give us a phenomenal amount of freedom in our lives. We can choose to see things positively or not.

When I first looked at the emotions on the scale I was surprised at the order of some of them.

We often get stuck at the anger stage rather than moving through it because anger is generally considered a socially inappropriate emotion. Repressed emotions can manifest as self sabotage and illness.

The aim of the game is generally to stay in the top half of the scale as much as possible. Being in a state of bliss all the time is unrealistic for most people, but feeling neutral & peaceful is comfortable and easier to find and maintain.

Abraham explains that feeling bad about things we are conditioned to feel bad about is unnecessary and that it’s not inappropriate to choose positive thoughts. Some might say it’s inappropriate to be upbeat around someone who’s just lost a pet or had a unfavourable medical diagnosis, but Abraham explains that lifting someone up is better than dropping down to their unhappy level.

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