Ego or Spirit

Spirit is one and Ego is divided.

If it’s complicated it’s ego and if it’s simple it’s spirit.

On earth, we live by the duality belief system. Children tend to be egoless when they are young. They innocently seek self-fullness by following their instincts and curiosities. They speak honestly and from the heart and are comfortable being what adults consider as vulnerable.

God created us as his little children and to feel content we must return to innocence and be dependent upon him for everything. In truth everything comes from within anyway, because what we experience without was always created mentally by ourselves first.

We disown the creations we don’t like and assume victim status by blaming the outer world. This mechanism is created by the ego belief system, which is insane, but very compelling. We are always one with the whole of creation and don’t recognise we are the maker of the external images we see.

The more identified with the ego or separate self we are, the more threatened and unsettled we feel.

Being self-focused is often considered a bad thing, and when it is born from an ego perspective it is. However, when it comes from a soulful place, it is the idealised state.

An example of being self-focused from an egoic standpoint would be hoarding money in the belief that money is lacking and must be clung to in order to stay safe. Of course, this is merely created from a lack belief and can be overcome by belief in abundance.

Our beliefs literally form the life we experience because we live in a mental universe. We can actually sit on the sofa and think abundantly all day in order to receive money, but in our culture, we are taught to work hard in order to be abundant. This feels off internally though, telling us this is not in alignment with our divine nature. God is much kinder to us than we are to ourselves. In fact, we have no idea just how blessed we are.

Money is simply energy and when we let it flow it keeps coming. Nature abhors a vacuum, so when we spend it, more automatically comes in.

When we operate from a state of love not fear we live abundantly. When we are fearful we block our own inexhaustible abundance. Each of us possesses everything we could ever want (and more) inside us at all times. We only need predominantly focus on it imaginally to receive it, but our taught fearful resistance can block our abundance.

A good affirmation to use around money is: Money needs me to create something wonderful. Something wonderful can be a blissful experience or a product etc. The human mind is the powerful part, not the money, because money has no creative power without us.

Fear is caused by trauma but is always an erroneous belief. Fear feels very real when we are experiencing it, but it is always delusional, as nothing but abundance exists. We can however live in a subpar version of creation by simply living in fear.

An example of being self-focussed from the standpoint of spirit would be feeling free to use our innate gifts without shame. If our innate gifts are valued and celebrated as children we grow up feeling confident and useful. Someone who is fearless will go out into the world and share their gifts without an overwhelming fear of rejection and punishment. They will chase their dreams without inhibition and get back up when they fail.

If as children we were shamed for our creations, particularly if they were threatening to our parent’s security or sense of self we learned to hide our light.

The healing path is to shift from ego focus to spirit focus. This can feel challenging if as a child your self focus was deemed selfish, greedy and hurtful to others, but we have to push through. We each have an innate desire to self actualise and not doing so makes us uncomfortable. Thankfully consciousness doesn’t go backwards, although it can feel like it at times. What it does is excavate deeper until the true self is found. It can feel like going round in circles but we are always spiralling up, thankfully.

Being authentic is what everyone wants because it is (or should be) effortlessly natural. Imagine the person you would or could be if you didn’t have fear holding you back.

Soul feels held, included and worthy.

Ego feels abandoned, excluded and unworthy.

The task of a lifetime is to move closer to the soul’s way of thinking, feeling and acting. We each have different challenges and experiences to overcome, some more than others. When a person is stuck it may look easy to remedy for someone who doesn’t have the internal resistance. It’s important to focus on healing the self because that is where our true power lies. We lift others up when we follow our hearts and are joyous. In fact, that is the greatest thing we can do for another – live in our authenticity and integrity, even when it unsettles others because this is the way God created us. Just imagine how wonderful life would be if everyone lived to their potential and used the gifts they chose to incarnate with.

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