Downsizing Our Digs

We are downsizing to reduce our outgoings.  The move is a backwards step ‘size wise’ as it’s considerably smaller than our previous home, but as the boys get older we don’t seem to be using the space.

I have 2 boys and we’re moving into a 2 bedroom bungalow, so we have the option of sharing bedrooms or having no lounge.  The boys really want a room each, as do I, so we are foregoing a lounge until the extension is built.

Friends and family find it quite entertaining there’s no lounge, but we just adapt and they do too when they visit.

Once the extension has been added and the rooms re-jigged the bungalow will be perfect for us.

I guess I will get the itch to do another renovation then, but we can enjoy it for a while…

The current kitchen will become a bedroom

The current living room will become the master bedroom

The current master bedroom will become the living room

The little bedroom will stay a bedroom

The bathroom will stay the bathroom, but with a new layout and fittings

The rear garden will be half eaten into by the new kitchen diner extension

The Works

A kitchen diner will be added across the back and be open to the living room…

The following rooms will change function:

Kitchen > Bedroom (accessible from the hallway)

Lounge > Master Bedroom

Bedroom 1 > Living Room

Now to apply for planning permission as I would like to go out a little further than is allowed under permitted development.

UPDATE:  Planning Permission Approved

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