Designing the Kitchen Extension

Whenever I renovate I start with a rough idea in my head of how things will look, which usually morphs into something quite different as time goes by and new ideas emerge.  I was originally going for darker colours in the house and may add some dark tones, but I am leaning more towards my usual colour palette of pinks & neutrals with pops of colour. 

The house is compact and I want to visually maximise the space as I plan to sell it next year and do another project.  Neutral colours are a safer bet when selling your house, but neutral can be dangerously boring and I want to give the buyer something unique and well designed.  The room is adjoining the living room so the decor in the two rooms needs to work in harmony…

The kitchen will be fairly minimal as kitchen trends have vastly changed over the years with a move away from excessive focus on function.  I want this kitchen to be warm, feminine, sociable, fresh, fairly minimalistic and of course stylish and welcoming.  The worktop, flooring and table are all wood but the options I’ve chosen blend together well because of their natural warm tones.

The kitchen is simple with flat painted doors in ‘cashmere’ which is a stone colour and these gorgeous copper handles will really make it stand out.  Texture is really important so there will be natural materials such as wood, metal, marble, steel and ceramic plus these gorgeous chalky mosaic tiles for the splashback.  The paint is slightly lighter than the colour of fresh plaster.

I am going for a straight run of base units on one side of the kitchen and a smaller dresser area on the other side with a bench or chair, and the dining table slightly off centre.  The room must flow well and not look cramped with adequate space to move around.  Above the base units will be 2 full wall length shelves for all the crockery, glasses and food in jars held up by heavy-duty metal brackets.

The kitchen still needs to be plasterboarded, skimmed and painted before the kitchen and flooring can go in, but the extension is now part of the house and it’s nice to have the garden outlook from the kitchen diner and through lounge in the interim…

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