Many of us take life way too seriously, fretting about what we’re doing wrong and aiming for that all elusive perfectionSelf acceptance and humility are pre-requisites for transformational work

Working on yourself takes time and it’s so important to not judge yourself for how long it’s taking you to see changes in your life.  Often we’re looking for big changes and completely miss the smaller or hidden shifts we make, because once we’ve moved through them we take them for granted.  Being aware of and focusing on these changes really highlights how far we’ve come, so this is an integral part of the transformational process.  Sarah is inspirational and highly intuitive so she is able to see your potential, but also what is holding you back.

Each person has their own unique life experience, skills, desires and challenges.  Loving the self completely transforms your life experience.  You feel happy & attract good people and experiences, because you are working with the natural flow of the universe.  Self love often requires a radical paradigm shift and commitment to self differentiation, but anyone can do it if they commit to the inner work, accept themselves as they are and allow themselves to be openly vulnerable.

One to one sessions are really informal & tailored to your current needs & interests.

£50  |  1 hour  |  Zoom Online

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