Change your Story

Life is built on stories, but is the story you’re telling holding you back?  Sometimes we create an identity out of our story because it feels safe and familiar, but it is focused on our past & essentially redundant.  That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t learn from our past, it just means we don’t want to get stuck there repeating the same dysfunctional patterns & mistakes.

Our past contributes to the voice in our head which loops harsh and diminishing nonsense to us day in and day out.  Whether you’re telling the story to others repeatedly or re-living it internally I want you to really think about whether or not it is serving you.  Repeating the same old story can be a way to feel sorry for yourself and let yourself off the hook for doing anything about it, but feeling powerless sucks and is no way to live.

I know most people wish they had an off switch and there are different things you can do to re-calibrate your mind.  Fifteen minutes of meditation every day will help you clear your mind to allow in space for inspirational and positive ideas.  Really being mindful of your thoughts and choosing to stop yourself when you’re thinking something that doesn’t feel good is a useful skill that can be honed with practice.  Commitment to improving your mental health and becoming more self loving is really all it takes to turn your life around…

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