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    Ego or Spirit

    Spirit is one and Ego is divided. If it’s complicated it’s ego and if it’s simple it’s spirit. On earth, we live by the duality belief system. Children tend to be egoless when they…


    Children are Highly Conscious

    Children are more conscious than adults because they haven’t been conditioned for many years and felt shame and failure as much. They haven’t become cynical and limited in their thinking because of rejection fear.…


    Shadow Work

    We often think of the shadow aspects of the psyche as the unwanted and bad aspects of ourselves that we have disowned. However social conditioning has caused us to relegate many of our wonderful…


    Caterpillar to Butterfly

    Something drives us to achieve spiritual growth. Often it’s an upsetting event that initiates the awakening. Often we struggle with the same problem over and over eventually we realise the pain of growth is…


    False Gods & Idols

    In the bible we are told not to worship False Gods and Idols, however, we live in a culture where our predominant focus is on worshipping false idols. Nothing outside us should take the…


    Unity v Duality

    Unity means everything is one, love, perfection, has no beginning and no end and no opposition. Duality is the concept of separation and contrast, start, end and opposition. So humans live by the duality…