Can you crack Earth Level?

For all you gamers out there, did you realise earth is one big game with many levels?

We incarnate as humans for fun and evolution. We are spirit in imaginary bodies experiencing the equally imaginary time and space construct. Earth is a playground for learning to manipulate energy with the mind.

We create our own experiences including all sickness and death, but this is challenging for us to accept because when we incarnate we agree to forget who we truly are. We do this for the challenge and experience of finding our way home back to the light. We actually never left home other than in our dreams, which are mighty compelling to say the least.

We maintain a small portion of our memory and abilities but often become frightened by our power from our vulnerable human states of being. Each individual has an innate drive to self-actualise and become their best self, and this is why we can feel restless and uncomfortable if we are not evolving fast enough.

Earth is fun as long as there is little to no fear, but once we’ve given our God-given power away to an outside force, fear can become so believable we forget who we truly are and why we came here.

God created us sovereign and even though he gave us free reign to create whatever we want it was never his intention for us to suffer or harm anyone or anything. Giving our power away is seen by many as virtuous compliance, but really it is a gross distortion of God’s creation.

Did you believe this was all there was to life? I never did, I always sought truth by following what resonates internally.

Are you pleased to know you will lay down your body one day and take an another role and adventure somewhere else in the multiverse? Our spirit never dies, but death appears real at our 3D level of perception. There is nothing to fear, love is the name of the game.

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