Beech Avenue Reveal

This was by far the biggest and most exciting project particularly as I had so many financial hurdles to overcome after my divorce,  I had the choice to patch the house up or wait six months to borrow more money and realise my vision for the property.

The safe option wasn’t going to cut it when I had visions of how beautiful the house could be.  This open plan back room would never have been if I’d taken the safer option.  The room is amazing for Christmas, family get togethers and dinner parties.

I’m so focused on aesthetics I would savour the room every time I walked in.  It never grew old and was loved by everyone who saw and enjoyed the space.  From outside the bungalow looked like any other retirement bungalow but inside the footprint was a good size.

I knew I wanted to renovate one of the larger bungalows as they have a large footprint and potential to convert the loft.  Infact when I was renovating my previous bungalow I was already planning to renovate one of these.

The bungalow had the half rear extension added shortly after the house was built in the late 1960’s, which created a 43 sqm open plan space once the back of the house was opened up.

The back of the house was originally 2 bedrooms, the bathroom and an inner hallway.  The staircase to the new loft conversion went in the place of the original fitted wardrobe in the back right bedroom.

My boys and I live on site whilst we renovate so there is lots of upheaval and my youngest hates the dust.  We did this house in two stages starting with the loft conversion, followed by the  downstairs a few months later.  In all the work took about 3 months.

Photography by Andrew Wilson

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